Spirituality in “The world of Modernization”. - Mr. Maulin Pandya

Sep 27, 2011 11:56 AM

Life is a great cycle of transformation of Energy. Every element on this universe is a Energy. It is only the game of knowing the true potential of human to absorb those energies. Every human is efficient and sufficient on this world to absorb the enormous amount of Cosmic Energy available in this Free stable state of environment. Let me start with a small example..,

During the years of Napoléon Bonaparte, the warriors were easily able to lift a sword of 7 kg and wear the armors of 35 kg's, fighting and struggling for their land. Those wars are the reference of the power of human.

Where is the power and stamina in this era of world? If we think peacefully we find that people are getting physically weaker and mentally stronger. But when we talk of Spirituality, it deals with the balanced state of mind and body. It can be said that if you have a good vehicle and a skillful driver then you can win the race. The same way to touch and feel the benefits of Spirituality it is necessary

Success is a journey and only can be travelled for a period of time, there is no permanent platform of success for any one in this life. Ups and down are part and parcel of life. This book is all about feeling power and energy inside one-self.

The series of Explore your Energy are never ending...!!!

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"Energy beyond imagination of Science."

Oct 31, 2011 12:04 PM

It is a Universal fact that "Energy can neither be created nor get destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to other." Everyone knows that every element in this universe is made up of energy; so it has some tendency to release and execute its proportion to appropriate extent. The human body is also made up of energy. As the human body is made up of: Organ's > Cells > molecules > Atoms > Particles > ENERGY. Thus, we have the ultimate power to transform our energies and distribute them to propagate in the positive direction for a positive growth.

Science of Healing is all about knowing how to use this unlimited source of energy by consciously controlling your sub-conscious mind. This energy is enough to heal any patient and if the patient knows how to use this power; he/she can also even cure Cancer with this. I had few patients who were recommended for a knee replacement surgery, Chemo Therapy for Cancer, treatment of high diabetic Gastro paresis, etc., . But after cons  ... more

“ Energy beyond Science” part II By Mr. Maulin Pandya

Dec 02, 2011 12:44 PM

As everyone do not have ample time to perform practices like great saints, so in this 21st Century we have to get some way, where we can easily access to the divine super natural energies.

We can never see this energy or even touch it, but we can surely feel its presence. A very simple way to examine is to keep your palms in the position of cups; now keep both the palms at a distance of 2-3 inches from each other. After some time you may feel your palms are hotter than before, or you feel some attraction between them, or you feel some sensations under your palms, or many new feelings can be noted. This proves that even though we do not touch our palms there are some vibrations travelling around it which gives us this result.

As the flower shows its expression by its fragrance, the sun by its brightness and heat, moon by its shine at the night, in the same way the energy shows its expression by vibration or some unusual form of sensations in the body. This does not mean that we vi  ... more

Energy beyond Science” Part III -By Mr. Maulin Pandya

Jan 05, 2012 12:56 PM

Dear Friends, in this world due to which a person can grow to greatness is “CONFIDENCE”. Everybody is same in this world. Do you think the lord whom we are devotees of will ever be impartial? The true fact is that we all are having the equal strength and power within us. The only fact repelling is that we never believe in ourselves. The people who believed are standing tall as an example to the world today. These people used their most of themselves for making their lives to its greatest.

<>Confidence is a great part of healing. Unless and until you do not have confidence to heal a person, you may never be able to make your patient positive. Every person in this world creates his journey and destiny by his own efforts. The moment you can understand this, our time becomes valuable. When you realize this, your time spent for a thought of person will also turn to be a powerful energy which will heal him. And we in general term it as will power. Will power of a person is a power of thought  ... more

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